Approaching Retirement Guide

Your guide to designing your stress-free retirement

In this guide:

  • Why designing your stress-free retirement for you and your family isn’t easy - We are all living longer and the days of a guaranteed income for life from your employer’s pension scheme is no longer the reality for most of us when we retire.
  • Do you know where all your pension plans are? - Unlike 30+ years ago, it is now not uncommon to change employer many times during your working life and you will most likely have contributed to at least one pension plan during that time, if not more.
  • Budgeting; fail to plan, you are planning to fail - It’s essential to do a budget plan before you think about retiring so you know what expenditure you expect to have and therefore what income you’ll need to cover it.



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From this guide:

The biggest fears of retirement

As we make plans for our retirement years, many of us give little consideration to how we’ll feel about retiring, other than believing that nothing will be better than no longer having to set an alarm for Monday morning.

The fact that this huge change into the next phase of your life could be daunting may not occur to you until you are on the brink of retiring yourself.

The decision to retire is one of the biggest decisions you will make, both personally and financially, knowing that once you give up working for a living, your primary source of income will stop.

It’s understandable therefore that many of us are hit with common fears, including:

  • Do I have enough money to see me through my retirement years? Or will it run out?
  • What about my family - can I still support them if needed?
  • How can I retire without affecting my current lifestyle?
  • And what will I do with my time in retirement?

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