Our investment philosophy

The beliefs and values that guide our portfolios

Our investment philosophy is a set of beliefs and values that guide us to best construct our investment portfolios.

The process in constructing these portfolios involves a set of principles which always has your financial goals at the core, capital preservation is at the heart of our philosophy and growing your wealth over time is our objective.

Having a rigorous approach towards portfolio management and construction is essential and whether you are just starting your investment journey, looking to preserve the returns you have already built up or need a solution which will support your retirement lifestyle, we will always aim to help you achieve your financial goals, whilst considering your risk appetite and time horizons.

Our investment service provides you with our tailored approach towards managing your wealth based on clearly defined goals which leads to your financial independence and success.

What is the best investment strategy?

If not planned correctly, the risk you take when investing is the risk of not being able to meet your objectives, such as being able to retire at a certain age or being able to pass wealth on your children.

We therefore believe it is important to plan based on your given circumstances and expectations whilst keeping an eye on the markets, however this is a secondary concern when considering long term financial success.

In wealth management, investment performance hinges on many factors out of our control, most notably the returns on markets.

This being said, we can control other elements, which include the risks that we are exposing you and your wealth too.

This is the most important element when it comes to investment management - finding the balance between risks and returns. We therefore aim to manage the portfolio through:

  1. Expert Asset Allocation
  2. Intensive investment research
  3. Identifying high-quality, liquid securities at attractive valuations
  4. Rigorous risk management

Our investment process itself is controlled by our own internal Investment Committee which comprises of our best investment professionals who share high levels of experience in the space.

Our process starts with a look at the macroeconomic climate, by this we mean the state of the economy both here in the UK and globally, and assess the core economic data being released.

Our team, utilising their decades of experience, will then discuss our views on where markets may be heading and this will inform the positioning of our portfolios.

Following rigorous screening we will then populate our portfolios with a blend of complementary funds which have divergent management styles.

The resulting portfolios are then subjected to further analysis to ensure that risk budgets are not exceeded.

Our investment principals

With regards to our investment principles, we apply a robust investment process developed around core principles and ensure that we deliver this advice consistently into your subsequent portfolios and our core principles, which are:

  1. Investing requires a long-term view and attempting to time the market rarely pays off
  2. Diversification across a range of asset classes can reduce risk
  3. Fees are a drag on performance and so cost efficiency is important
  4. Active management adds risk but can add return with carefully selected manager

We do not rely on past performance to inform our views on funds and regularly meet with leading fund managers to assess their own views on the world and how this is informing the investment decisions they are making.

This level of knowledge is fundamental to understanding the risks inherent in a particular fund.

We aim to build the best investment strategy for you and so we work with the best fund managers.

We believe that the partnerships we employ are the cornerstone which informs our philosophy.

These unique relationships mean that we can liaise directly with the fund managers and find out what changes and actions they make before they make them which informs our positioning.

A proactive approach lets us then build a strong and robust portfolio which is designed to give you the best possible returns and reach your financial goals. 

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Please note: Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future returns. Your investments can fall as well as rise in value.