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Taxation is the money which we must pay to the UK government on items such as our income, capital gains, property, businesses and more.

There are many reasons which mean we must pay tax, there are also products and means by which we can reduce the final amount of tax that we pay.

Our tax planning services include certain products, allowances and guidelines to ensure your money is working its hardest and to ensure the tax you pay is ultimately a fair, yet minimal, amount.

We aim to build a tax efficient portfolio that is uniquely yours. By making the best use of your allowances, we ensure your money is working hard for you.

Through careful and efficient tax planning we can secure you a tax bill that is ultimately fair and minimal.


The Tax Planning process 

Taxes either direct, such as income tax, or indirect such as VAT, are a part of everyday life. Tax is an important factor for consideration when we design your financial plan- the impact of poor tax planning should not be under estimated.


We revisit your objectives. As well as being the basis for our advice, we would ensure that we consider tax in relation to these, and not allow it to dominate the financial plan.


We take time to understand your circumstances and current financial position to ascertain your tax position in relation to income, capital gains and inheritance tax.


Many of the valuable tax allowances which we can utilise are refreshed each year, so we ensure you are making the best use of what is available to you. This includes your Capital Gains Tax (CGT) allowance, your personal allowance, and your annual exemption for gifts.


We prevent the tax tail wagging the dog! We remain vigilant of other factors that determine suitability, not just tax. This includes investment risk, personal circumstances such as a divorce, and income needs in retirement.


We incorporate the most tax efficient combination of products and use of allowances, to utilise the benefits of and mitigate the drawbacks of the tax universe.


A regular review of your financial plan, taking account of any changes in tax and legislation, in addition to your objectives and financial circumstances is the cornerstone of a robust financial plan.


Tax Year End

The end of the tax year - the 5th April - is a crucial date for all taxpayers to consider. It's important to make note of it so you do not miss out on any potential tax-relief, allowances or deductions.

Whether you're employed, self-employed or retired, there are some 'quick wins' that you might want to consider ahead of the tax year end.

Tax efficient investments

An integral part of tax planning is placing your money in tax efficient investments such as pensions and ISAs.

There is a lot to choose from and the landscape can look like grey clouds of confusion at times.

Luckily our specialist financial planners can demystify this for you. Look at our ISA information and begin planning how to be efficient with your investments

Maximising allowances

Each year you have a range of allowances and exemptions available to help reduce, or even, fully mitigate any liability on certain taxes.

But are you making the most of these allowances? Each year is a new opportunity for you to minimise your taxes. We can help you with this challenge, through our wide range of efficient tax planning services.


Make your money work harder
Make your money work harder

 Stocks and Shares ISAs
Stocks and Shares ISAs

Inflation beating returns and a wide variety of investment choices

Junior ISAs
Junior ISAs

Set up your children for adulthood by using a Junior ISA to build for their future

Lifetime ISAs
Lifetime ISAs

Get a 25% government bonus through the newest addition of the ISA family

Inheritance tax planning

Many people think inheritance tax only influences wealthy families, but often this is not the case. If you own a home or have large amounts of savings you could be affected.

We can help you answer important questions about Inheritance Tax, through a comprehensive strategy, which could include gifting, insurance and vital planning to protect your estate for your family.

Specialist pension tax planning 

Tax planning around your pension can be complicated and everyone’s circumstance is different.

Here at The Private Office we have built specialist knowledge in this area and can give clients solutions to what can be complex areas. We have highlighted some areas to consider 

Please Note: The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate tax advice 


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