Investment Portfolio Management Services

Meeting your financial goals


At The Private Office (TPO) our priority is for us to meet your financial goals.

We aim to do this by providing investment portfolio advice and offering a wide range of financial services which range from our in-house model portfolios to out-sourced discretionary fund managers.

Our Chartered Financial Planners are available to work with you to meet your objectives, based on your time horizons and financial needs.

We are able to understand your goals and use a blend of different investment approaches and strategies to deliver on this. As such, we offer:

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Model portfolios

The Private Office Investment Committee (TPOIC) builds and maintains a number of carefully constructed model portfolios.

These portfolios are diversified in the context of each specific risk profile.

The portfolios will generally follow a strategic long-term asset allocation, but with tactical adjustments made as required. This tactical overlay aims to address short term changes and opportunities which seek to defend portfolios against identified or immediate threats. 

Our model portfolios will typically be rebalanced twice a year to keep the asset distribution in line with the targeted allocation, suitable for your decided risk profile.

Where no changes are required, we will simply recommend a rebalance of the portfolio, taking profit and reinvesting it back into the originally planned asset allocation.

Rebalancing will be undertaken on an advisory basis, meaning you will be presented with our recommendations, and only when you have formally accepted these, will we take any action.

It is important to note that tax is not a driver or consideration for our Preferred Portfolio rebalance recommendations, so where this could be an issue, please ensure it is discussed with your adviser prior to us recommending a solution for you.

Depending on your views and preferences, we may recommend one or a combination of model structures: 

Asset Allocated

These typically contain funds which invest in single asset classes. We typically use these portfolios where you have a long-term time frame in mind for your investments, usually 10 years or more. 


This will contain funds where the managers have discretion over the asset classes they wish to buy and the allocation they wish to follow. A greater focus on day-to-day reactions to market volatility. 


This will contain funds which track the relevant market. Typically recommended where low cost is the main driver for investments, and capacity for loss allows.

Customised Business Investment Portfolios

Where you have specific investment requirements, wish to manage gains and losses from a tax perspective, or are limited by some other consideration which would make our model portfolios inappropriate, we will provide recommendations for a customised portfolio, designed to meet your individual needs.

As independent advisers, we are not constrained by product or provider, and as such, we can personalise a solution tailored to your specific requirements.

Discretionary investment management 

Should it transpire that you wish to delegate all investment decisions, it may be appropriate for us to introduce you to a discretionary investment manager.

Our role will typically be as an introducer, but this may change depending upon your requirements and the nature of any arrangements made.

We do maintain a panel of carefully selected third party discretionary investment managers and will be happy to undertake due diligence on others, as dictated by your individual requirements and investment mandate.

Financial planning only 

In some cases, clients appoint us for financial planning only, meaning that we will not put into place any investment solutions, but add value by helping them structure their finances in accordance with stated objectives.

In some cases, this might include a referral to our sister company, Savings Champion for cash management and assistance in selecting the best paying deposit accounts.

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