Who is Savings Champion?


Established in 2011, Savings Champion has established itself as one of the UK’s leading independent experts on cash-based savings. 

Its team of researchers review the savings market daily, creating one of the largest databases of savings account information in the UK.

“At Savings Champion, we are passionate about savings and aim to provide no-nonsense simple advice that can help everyone to pick a savings account with their eyes wide open” - Dan Darragh, Savings Champion Head of Research

At The Private Office, we have exclusive access to Savings Champion’s research and expertise, which allows us to provide a unique financial advice service to our clients.

How Savings Champion researches the UK savings market

There are currently over 150 different providers in the UK savings market, more than 5,500 different savings accounts and over 18,000 individual savings rates. 

Savings Champion’s dedicated team of researchers analyse the UK savings market on a daily basis and research is gathered independently and methodically.

Every interest rate on available accounts held on the Savings Champion database is checked manually on at least a fortnightly basis, with the top accounts checked even more frequently. 

During the course of these checks, any changes that are picked up are updated straight away and are available to our advice teams immediately. 

In addition to manually checking rates, Savings Champion also has an extensive network of contacts from the banks and building societies, who will communicate notifications of changes directly – often in advance of the effective date. 

This ensures that all of these changes can be made in a timely manner, though of course each change must have taken place as planned before the information is updated. 

These close relationships with the savings providers mean that, at times, exclusive offers are made available to our clients, ensuring they have access to the best offers available on the market.

Delving deeper into the savings market

While key to many savers are the headline interest rate and terms and conditions of the account, there are a number of people that have more complex savings needs and circumstances.

Savings Champion delves deeper into the savings market, looking at which accounts are suitable for those with a Power of Attorney and various types of trust. There are also extensive lists of accounts that are suitable for businesses and charities and the complex area of cash pension funds.

Rewarding first class service

These specialist areas are not always straightforward to identify and we are in a position to offer solutions to our clients through Savings Champion’s extensive research into these areas.

Of course, a top rate does not always translate into a great experience with the provider and Savings Champion examines in detail the account opening process and uses its experience in facilitating applications to highlight providers that fall short of the mark.

This insight can range from the application channels available and identification requirements, right through to providers with poor customer service that should be avoided.

Valuable insight that is available to our clients and simply cannot be easily replicated without Savings Champion’s extensive research.

An unrivalled reputation

Savings Champion also has an outstanding reputation with the national press and is regularly featured in many of the daily newspapers. 

Its independent and unbiased approach to the savings market is perfectly positioned to provide trusted and expert commentary. 

You may have noticed that Savings Champion provide samples of their data, known as ‘best buy tables’ to national publications such as The Sunday Times, the Mail on Sunday and the Saturday and Sunday Telegraph. 

This arrangement demonstrates how much the information that is supplied is trusted and valued by key figures in the field of personal finance journalism.

Co-founder Anna Bowes also regularly features on shows such as Radio 4’s Money Box and BBC Breakfast News. 




If you would like any advice on how to optimise your savings, please get in touch and one of our financial advisers will be able to provide you with whole-of-market, unbiased advice, utilising Saving Champion’s leading research.

Article correct at 02/11/2022