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Choosing a Chartered Financial Adviser 

Unlike the many UK firms that offer restricted advice, TPO is an impartial unbiased and chartered financial advisory firm. We offer whole-of-market expertise and a range of investment options.

Our advice is independent, meaning that it is provided without a bias or affiliation with any specific providers, products, or services. 

In addition, we are proud to have been accredited with the Pension Transfer Gold Standard. This means that we adhere to a strict set of principles and that you can be confident that we have your best interests at heart when providing financial advice on a potential pension transfer.

One in thousands

Not sure who to turn to? Keep in mind that:

  • 87% of the 13,690 financial advisers in the UK are independent 1
  • Fewer than 6% of those independent advisers are chartered1
  • Many advisers are incentivised to take more risks with your money

Unbiased & Independent 

TPO is an independent advisory firm that has been awarded the exclusive CII Chartered Standard of Excellence, one of the highest standards of professionalism in the financial planning industry.

Would you trust someone biased or with substandard professionalism to handle your livelihood?

Many firms can receive higher fees and make more money when handling risk based assets or funds from providers. That means that assets like cash, which are deemed low – risk, but vital to your everyday financial standing, may play a smaller role in their financial planning.

Would you trust a firm that is incentivised to take more risks with your money?

In addition to working with our in-house team of experts, we also work with our sister firm, Savings Champion is an independent cash management advisory firm with cash expertise based on whole of UK market unbiased research.

That means access to even more independent advice that you can trust to work in your best interest, not ours.

Our reputation is built on results

Our work has won the trust of thousands of clients, including individuals, families, and business owners.

Our results stem from our approach: total objectivity founded on informed analysis. We take the time to fully get to know each client’s portfolio in order to provide the most suitable assessment of your personal investment options and your future goals and plans. 

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  1. References and statistics taken from PIMFA, FCA, CII and City wire, note that 2% firms in the UK offer both restricted and unrestricted advice. References sourced from the Personal Investment Management & Financial Advice Association, the Financial Conduct Authority, Chartered Institute of Insurance and Savings Champion.