TPO Investment Markets Update - Coronavirus #2

This week’s TPO Investment Market Update aims to bring the volatility experienced during the Coronavirus pandemic to life and explain how and why markets are reacting.
Daniel Douglas-Wright from our Investment Team is talking to one of our Partners and Advisers, Julian Frere, in a 15 minute Investment Market Update Podcast. This highlights the need for regular financial planning and taking account of risk.
 The main topics of conversation are:

  • A global update which highlights the significant factors affecting markets and your portfolios.
  • A look at how markets have reacted to data and stimulus since the pandemic bought lockdown.
  • The extraordinary market for pricing of oil.


Our investment team have also created a written Investment Market Update to compliment the podcast and guide you through the areas of conversation. 

Investment Market Update - Download here


If you have any concerns or general questions, please get in touch. We are here to support you.