Feedback really is at the heart of our business


Claudia Clay, Risk & Regulatory Director

Further to my note in our Spring 2019 Insight newsletter, I would like to thank our clients and contacts who have taken the time to share their thoughts and feedback over the last year and a half. This has been incredibly valuable in shaping our proposition, client advice journey and quality assurance framework over recent months.

We were delighted by our clients’ willingness to engage in providing constructive feedback, and, particularly in the current climate, are keen to reach out to even more of you to understand how we can further enhance our approach to better meet your needs.

Your opinions really do help us improve and tailor our service, and we will now be proactively seeking feedback on your TPO experience as a matter of course through electronic reviews, and in some cases (only where you have provided the appropriate consent), by telephone. These will typically follow an advice or service interaction with your Adviser, who will be happy to explain more about our Quality Assurance Framework during your meeting. 

If you have any immediate comments, or would like to contact us about anything else, my team can be reached directly at