Cash Savings Platforms Guide

Cash Savings Platforms are taking the savings market by storm.

In this guide:

  • What is a Cash Savings Platform? - This latest innovation is growing in popularity.
  • How much do they cost? - Compare the fees across a few of the popular platforms.
  • Is it right for me? - What are the criteria for the platforms and how to apply.

The very best rates can be achieved by scouring the whole market and opening as many accounts as required. But for those who don’t have the time, the savings platforms might be the compromise which means you don’t leave your cash languishing with your high street bank, earning very little interest or protection.

Cash Savings Platforms Guide


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From this guide:

So, what are Cash Savings Platforms?

Put simply, they’re a savings supermarket, where savers can have a single log-in and then pick and choose which products (from those available at that time) they want to buy.

The real beauty of these platforms is the simplicity, as many people are put off by having to fill in another form every time they want to open a savings account.

With these platforms, you fill in your details once and then decide where you want to save. Then when the product matures, or you want to move your money, you can either transfer it out of the platform or move it to the next best available product that is available on the platform at that time.

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