Investment Market Update - March 2021

Inflation fears today, taxation comes tomorrow. Welcome to our March Investment Market Update.


As we move towards a route out of the Pandemic Lockdown, Chancellor Rishi Sunak started to plot his route out of the economic downturn for the UK. Whilst short term inflation fears are mixing it up in the markets, we explain why we think interest rates will remain low, financial stimuli will remain in place for the time being, but the Chancellor has started to reveal his cards on how we repay that debt - and it is not austerity, its taxing on the larger corporates. 

Topics covered in this update are: 

Budget 2021 

  • Continuing fiscal support for individuals and businesses
  • How the debt burden will be reduced from 2023 through taxation
  • The 130% “Super Deduction”

Inflation and interest rates 

  • Short, medium and longer-term expectations
  • Where this inflation might come from
  • Unemployment and labour supply
  • Interest rates at historic lows


  • How are they reacting
  • Reasons for diversification 

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