Investment Market Update - November 2020

Welcome to the latest edition of our Investment Market Update. 

This update talks about the effects of the US election- past and present, the Pfizer and Biontech announcement of a Coronavirus vaccine and also looks into the major worldwide economic factors affecting your portfolios.
Whilst October was a poor month for markets, recent news around the US Presidential Election and the very real possibility of a Coronavirus Vaccine have buoyed markets this week.

The main topics in our bulletin are:

  • The US election (almost) result.
  • What now for the “Special relationship”.
  • Vaccinations in the news.
  • US Markets after the election.
  • Weak economic news in the EU and UK.
  • The Chinese march continues.
  • The performance of our portfolios.

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Note: This Market update is for general information only, does not constitute individual advice and should not be used to inform financial decisions. Investment returns are not guaranteed, and you may get back less than originally invested; past performance is not a guide to future returns.

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