TPO Investment Market Update - Coronavirus #4

This week’s TPO Investment Market Update aims to highlight how economies and stock markets often do not correlate in behaviour. We also discuss what the recovery of the UK economy may look like and discuss the importance of understanding your long-term, financial plan. 
This podcast is brought to you by Daniel Douglas-Wright from our Investment Team is talking to one of our Partners and Advisers, Dean McSloy, who also sits on our Investment Committee in a 12 minute Investment Market Update Podcast.      
The main topics of conversation are:

  • Dislocation of economic numbers and market performance
  • A global update which highlights the significant factors affecting markets and your portfolios.
  • What the UK economy recovery is predicted to look like.
  • The anomalies occurring in the UK bond market

Our investment team have also created a written Investment Market Update to compliment the podcast and guide you through the areas of conversation. 

Investment Market Update - Download here

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