How to talk about retirement – Citywire podcast

TPO’s Kirsty Stone recently appeared on Invesco’s PlanSmart podcast series, talking to Ian Horne from Citywire about how she approaches retirement discussions with her clients. 

Listen to the full PlanSmart podcast episode here.

Over the 30-minute podcast, Kirsty explains how retirement planning is one of the first things she discusses with each client - no matter what age they are - and the questions she asks to understand what kind of retirement the client is aiming for. 

She also talks about some common misconceptions clients may have about retirement, balancing income and growth in an investment portfolio, and educating people on the pension freedoms legislation to ensure they make educated and measured decisions.

Also mentioned is factoring in long-term care and the cash flow forecasting software we use at The Private Office to provide our clients with valuable insight and perspective about their futures, making sure that they can afford their desired lifestyle. 

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