TPO invests in their next generation of advisers

At The Private Office (TPO), we take on graduates annually who are aspiring financial advisers. For two years, they experience all aspects of an independent wealth management firm, while studying to gain their diploma in financial planning, to allow professional growth and understanding. 

Two of our current graduates, Daniel Lea and Christie Tillett, have recently been interviewed by journalist, Sam Shaw to gather their insights into the benefits of adopting a graduate scheme within financial services. CEO, Stuart Phillips, also gave us his view on why he has actively implemented the scheme for coming up to four years now. 

To listen to the three interviews, please use the audio players below:

The vision of organic growth at TPO is present in most areas of the business. By giving opportunities to those who have graduated from university, we strongly believe we can teach them all the skills they will need to be a successful financial adviser. The graduates describe the benefits of this as they are able to ‘grow up’ with the TPO culture.

This scheme will not give immediate gratification to the company in terms of gaining a ready-made, adviser, it’s a long-term investment that allows the aspiring advisers to develop in the correct culture. They are committed to the company's vision and trajectory. 

Daniel and Christie offer reasons why other firms should adopt similar schemes as it not only benefits the company, but they feel it has given them endless opportunities they may never have had without the scheme. 

Did you know the average age of an IFA in the UK is late 50s? At TPO, the average adviser is 40! There are a few angles to look at the benefits of having a wide age range of advisers. The ability to look after different generations of the same family is a huge benefit when picking an IFA. For these reasons, we feel it is important to nurture talent of our aspiring advisers to allow us to have a diversified team of IFA’s among TPO.

If you’re currently in your final year of university or, have graduated and you’re interested in what the graduate scheme can offer, please get in touch with for more information on how to apply.