Investment Market Update - July 2020

This month’s podcast is with Daniel Douglas-Wright from our Investment Team leading the conversation around the data and research with one of our Partners and Advisers, Alex Hatfield, responding with his views in a 21 minute Podcast.

As we and markets have all settled down somewhat, the TPO Investment Market Update will now come to you monthly. It aims to show you how markets have been behaving and what the future may look like in global markets in the post lockdown world we are now entering.        

The main topics of conversation are:

  • Geo-political and Global market data.
  •  A new safe haven?
  • What now for Global Markets?
  • The performance of our Preferred Portfolios.
  • The positives of ESG portfolios and Cash management.
  • Time for change?

Please note: The TPO portfolio data referred to in the recording is correct as of 11/07/2020 and the yearly data is based on calendar years.

Our Investment Team have also created a written Investment Market Update to compliment the podcast and guide you through the areas of conversation. 

Investment Market Update - Download here

If you have any questions relating to the content of the podcast and accompanying material, please get in touch. We are here to support you.