TPO Investment Market Update - Coronavirus #5

This week’s TPO Investment Market Update aims to show you what’s going on underneath the bonnet of your investments by highlighting some of the factors that are bringing about the activity within the funds held in your portfolios.

This week’s podcast is with Daniel Douglas-Wright from our Investment Team leading the conversation around the data with one of our Partners and Advisers, Daniel Schofield, who also sits on our Investment Committee responding with his views in a 18 minute Investment Market Update Podcast.     

 The main topics of conversation are:

  • Underlying Economic and Political headlines across the world
  • How the ESG Market is developing and changing
  • The precipice of yield on Government issued debt
  • The wealth of activity that is going on behind the scenes as fund managers are repositioning within funds

Our investment team have also created a written Investment Market Update to compliment the podcast and guide you through the areas of conversation. 

Investment Market Update - Download here

If you have any concerns or general questions, please get in touch. We are here to support you.