Charity investment management

We work with a variety of charities, ranging from small local organisations to large academic charities. Our experienced advisers provide charities and their boards with financial, tax and compliance advice. They can also help navigate the legislative rules and restraints around investments enacted by the Trustees Act 2000 which dictates the ways in which clients can look after or use charitable funds.

Can charities invest money?

Yes, charities are able to invest money as a way of making the most of their funds. It can be a useful way to create a sustainable, reliable income to support your charity. 

Several of our Partners and advisers are active within charitable organisations away from work which helps to provide our firm with an invaluable insight into the issues faced by charitable boards and trusts on a day-to-day basis.

Our work in the Charities sector is often closely linked with the work we also undertake for Academies, our Trust services and our Clinical negligence and personal injury planning services.

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