Expert witness cases

Alongside our more traditional wealth management services our advisers and partners also act as professional witnesses in financial court cases. 

What is an expert witness?

An expert witness can provide the court with a statement of opinion on any admissible matter calling for expertise by the witness if they are qualified to give such an opinion.

Why are expert witnesses important?

The primary function of an expert witness is to express his/her independent expert opinion based on the information that is provided. 

Clients seek our independent, unbiased opinion before and during trial and we are able to supply our expert knowledge as verbal evidence as well as provide expert reports, financial valuations and analysis for court evaluations.

How can we help?

We have experience evaluating and consulting on a range of sector specific cases; which include, but are not limited to, fiduciary cases, pensions, investments and professional negligence claims.

Our experienced and compassionate team work in conjunction with your solicitor(s) to provide the best result possible in an efficient, timely and straightforward manner.

To see how we can help you get in touch and speak to one of our specialist advisers