Toni Meadows

As CIO,  I help advisers and clients better understand, what can feel like, the complex world of investments.

I am responsible for the oversight of the investment solutions we offer to our clients and have 25 years experience in this area. This includes our ESG funds and managed portfolio services. I believe that investing should be focused around our clients and backed by rigorous research and monitoring. I manage our team of investment specialists who help support our advisers and ensure our investment solutions are appropriate to meet the needs of our clients. 

When I am not at work

I am a devoted family man and seem to spend most of my time either ferrying my children to sporting events or coaching them. I try to stay fit and active as a healthy body feeds a healthy mind.


My Qualifications

  • Member of the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute UK.
  • Economics degree from Kingston University.

Meet our specialists

We have a number of specialists that support our investment team including our Head of Investments Daniel Douglas-Wright