Our approach

Couple with an adviser

TPO offers bespoke, thorough, personalised advice to individuals, families, and owner-managed businesses looking to grow and sustain their wealth.

Our services are centered around 6 core approaches:

  • To stay completely independent from bias
  • To provide tailored advice
  • To work with transparent fixed fees
  • To work as a chartered firm – the highest standard in the industry
  • To provide professional cash management
  • To deliver professional services to every client

A diverse team to meet your needs

We know that one size doesn’t fit all. No matter what your investment or planning needs, we have a diverse team that allows us to provide bespoke, transparent, and efficient service to every client.

Our in-house team consists of a collaborative mix of:

  • Experienced advisers
  • Technical and industry experts
  • Qualified support staff

You’ll be assigned 2 direct points of contact to ensure a secure client-adviser relationship. And if your portfolio requires special attention, The Private Office Investment Committee is available to make sure that your assets are receiving expert attention.

All of our clients belong to a collective. That means that you’ll have access to pooled resources, research, time, expertise, and a consistent service experience from beginning to end.

We work with outside professionals, such as your personal lawyers and accountants, to ensure a thorough understanding of your financial position. We also have the ability to bring in additional independent, expert professionals if necessary.

Our process built on integrity, confidence, and partnership

Our strategies focus on reaching 6 core goals:

  • To maximise your cash returns
  • To manage risk according to your appetite
  • To allocate assets strategically
  • To minimise your costs
  • To improve investment diversity
  • To rebalance your investments regularly and explain the full implications of every recommendation

We believe that our advice is not contingent on following our recommendations. In the spirit of transparency, we prefer to work with fixed-fees that are discussed and agreed in advance.

We then conduct a full investigation on your distinct investment and planning needs. This investigation allows us to help you better understand your future goals and provide a tax-efficient, tailored service plan based on market research and financial modelling.

Our advice is centered on informed analysis and objectivity. We only provide advice that is right for you, not based on what is best for our team.

Working closely together doesn’t end after our plan is put into play. We continue to help you build plans and stay on track by providing:

  • Regular consultation and tracking against your goals
  • Ongoing investment portfolio review
  • Regular valuations
  • Refined and restructured strategies

These steps help make sure that you’re still on track to reach your goals regardless of changing circumstances, legislation, markets, and economies.