Our wealth management services

What services can you expect from a wealth manager?

The primary service that will be offered will be investment management. This will ordinarily encompass a range of investment solutions spanning from in-house model portfolios through to bespoke-built investment portfolios for high-net-worth clients.  

Other services offered may be around guidance of various tax structures that can be used as well as various tax allowances available to clients, such as annual funding allowances, (e.g., ISAs and pensions) and annual investment-related allowances, such as capital gains, dividends, and savings.

Investment management

This service could also provide more niche investment styles too, incorporating specific investment preferences, such as taking a more ‘mindful’ way to investing, incorporating additional investment overlays such as the impact to the environment the company has, the social impact it has and the corporate governance of a company, more commonly known as ‘ESG’ investing.  

Depending on how involved you would like to be, your investment manager will discuss 'Discretionary' or 'Advisory' approaches. The former will ordinarily be offered when no ongoing interaction from the client is required, instead a ‘risk mandate’ is agreed and the way in which the investment is managed, at the ‘discretion’ of the investment manager. The advis

Wealth managers these days too are expanding into other areas such as financial planning software to enrich the conversation around how much risk to take and the focus for investing the money, however this is not frequent practice.  

When it comes to broader client needs, ordinarily a wealth manager will find themselves restricted, therefore may work in collaboration with other firms to provide a comprehensive package when combined, e.g., accountant, lawyer, mortgage broker, private banker, financial planner.    

What wealth management services do TPO provide? 

The Private Office are specialists in delivering both financial planning and wealth management services in partnership with each other. Wealth management / investment management is one of our strengths and is one of our core services offered to every client.  

With our in-house investment committee, steered by Toni Meadows and supported by some of the industry’s leading experts in investment analysis, TPO are able to offer our clients a suite of model-portfolios as well as working in collaboration with chosen ‘best in class’ providers from all areas of investments, including a specialist in tax-led investing (VCTs, EISs), US-UK client-specific investing and ‘mindful’ investing which incorporates both ESG and ‘positive impact’ investing, something we hold close to our hearts.  

The core of our investment proposition is our model portfolio range, inclusive of 25 model portfolios spanning both discretionary (your ‘hands off’ approach) and advisory (working together with an adviser) ways in which to work with clients.  

Our portfolios are created for all levels of risk, from cautious to adventurous and benefit from not only our investment committee and investment team’s insights and inputs, but also from select industry-leading consultants, who feed into how our investment strategies are built, reviewed, ran and evolved over time, looking at both ‘big picture’ factors, such as global economics and various assets class performances and ‘small picture’ factors, such as meeting fund managers throughout the year and understanding fully the underlying holdings of investment strategies and the suitability and strategies behind why and for how long such investments are held.  

At TPO we are proactive in our investment management style and when working with external providers, run a comprehensive and ongoing analysis to the suitability of the overall market, new entrants and our panel of select providers and their standing to remain appointed to be on our panel of providers and products we choose tow work with.  

Why is wealth management important?  

The right investment solution to pair with a client’s Financial Plan is paramount to their long-term success. Aside from the rare few who do not need to invest to achieve their ambitions, the rest of our clients, through proper wealth management support and services offered by TPO, benefit from knowing how and why they are investing, are able to have their own personalised rate of return benchmark they need to achieve their objectives and are able to very efficiently limit the amount of risk they take whilst attempting to maximise their returns.  

This ensures the suitability of how money is being used, for what purpose without taking excessive risk or over-investing, a common mistake we come across. By having clarity over how you are going to achieve your objectives and having your own bespoke benchmark, you can keep track of how close you are to achieving your objectives and will have the confidence in why you are taking a certain level of risk and how your assets are being invested and managed, with complete transparency along the way.  

Without such understanding, we find many who come to us simply trying to get a better return whilst not understanding risk and having concerns over how best to invest and protect their wealth.

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Please note: Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. The value of investments and the income from them can fall as well as rise, you may not get back what you originally invested. Tax and estate planning is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.